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PUMA Series. Multi-emitter pump source up to 35W fibre-coupled CW power
Medical Laser Equipment
ULTRA Series. Pump source up to 6W CW power in small core fiber
SLP Series. Pump source up to 5W CW power in all glass optical fibre
SLW Series. Laser module up to 7W CW power in a window
Cooling Systems

ULTRA Series. Pump source up to 6W CW power in small core fiber

ULTRA Series

Pump sourse up to 6W

CW power in smal core fibre

Laser diode pumps in spectral region 910 - 980 nm are required for optical pumping of fibre devices based on rare-earth doped double clad fibres. In many applications such as three level fibre lasers high brightness pump sources are required.

ULTRA is based on state of the art technology of highly reliable single stripe laser diodes with life-time exceeding 100,000 hours and can operate without TE cooling at ambient temperatures exceeding 60є C.

ULTRA delivers up to 6 W of CW optical power in a 35 µm, 0.22 NA all glass multimode optical fibre while the state of the art optical packaging provide unprecedented brightness and reliability. Power brightness delivered by ULTRA is comparable with that of laser diode chips and it makes this pumps unavoidable tool in development of advanced fibre lasers and amplifiers such as 980 nm fibre lasers and cladding pumped erbium-doped fibre amplifiers. ULTRA comes in two basic configurations with 3 W and 6W of output power. Operating wavelength is 915 or 970 nm although other wavelengths are also available on request

Key features:

· Up to 6 W cw fibre coupled power

· 35 µm, 0.25 NA all glass fibre

· High brightness, low cost

· Rugged package

·Optional TE cooler


· Optical pump for high performance fibre lasers and amplifiers

· Medical

· Material processing

· Micromachining

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